beaches in Almeria

Maintenance of more than 25km of coast

Maintenance and conservation of 16 beaches in Almeria.

The services business of ACCIONA performs mechanical sieving work of sand, levelling of beaches, disinfection, cleaning of water sheets, emptying of containers and waste paper bins, mechanical sweeping and washing of walkways, and transportation of waste at a total of 16 beaches in the town of Almería.


ACCIONA applies its quality, environmental and sustainability policy in all its procedures, such as the use of machines and electrical vehicles to minimise CO2 emissions and to contribute to the sustainable development of the coast of Calpe.


General information

  • Customer: Almeria Municipal Council
  • Commencement of contract: 2015
  • Location: Almeria, Spain 
  • Services: maintenance and conservation of beaches
  • Magnitudes: 16 beaches in Almeria


Guardians of an ancient treasure

There is a story of an Arab Sultan who hid a priceless treasure during the Christian siege of Almeria. The city, founded by Abd-ar-Rahman III in 955 AD, was in its last days as the Muslim territory Al-Andalus before surrendering to the Castile crown in 1489. As legend has it, the Governor hid his precious jewels in an underwater cave at Cabo de Gata...