The challenge was to develop an innovative proposal for BMW Asia Pacific’s regional convention, offering a technological and immersive experience to its guests. The challenge was to turn a building from 1922 into a futuristic and contemporary environment.

Asia Pacific BMW Dealer Convention is the event that brings together over 21 nationalities during two intense and fruitful days where the main objective is to align the whole region.


A 360 global experience was created with the aim of turning guests into the main characters of the convention. It was possible due to a scenography, which included mapping projections to engage the attendants during the dinner and the conferences.

The event took place over two days and had two different set designs. The first day, a dreamlike atmosphere was recreated with images based on textures and colours. The setting integrated projections on the guests’ tables so that they could see their names projected on their plates. The stage was transformed into different parts of the world thanks to the mapping projections.

The second day, a more sophisticated, modern and futuristic atmosphere was intended for the work sessions. An octagonal setting provided greater visibility among all the guests. Every element was designed with the aim of integrating and highlighting the guests at the event, from the layout of the setting to the placing of the tables and chairs. As a final touch, 2 closedrooms that contained a special surprise for the guests: BMWs latest models.


  • Location:  Lisbon, Portugal
  • Contract: design and production turnkey
  • Year: 2019
  • Client: BMW Headquarters

Key Aspects 

  • The event took place over two days and had two different set designs. The challenge was to carry out two events in the same location in less than 20 hours. The first day, a dinner and a ceremony took place. 7 hours later, the whole space was converted into a large conference room.
  • The dining tables were transformed into large format screens thanks to the use of 32 projectors of 20.000 lumens.
  • The immersive environment was supported on 4 huge LED screens that gave fluency to the proyected textures and images.
  • There were more than 60 automated lighting projectors, 6 watchout projection units with 6 displays each, real time CCTV with automated cameras, 2 camera operators and a pole camera crane.


key figures






m2 led screens


set designs


technical staff


trailers of technical equipment


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