Waste as useful raw materials

Use of end-of-life materials, waste and alternative binders as useful raw materials for pavement construction and rehabilitation

ALTERPAVE Project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Program. The idea originated from the need to promote sustainable road construction by reducing the use of virgin materials and promoting the reuse of recycled materials and by-products, but also the recycling of the infrastructure after the end of life service.


The ALTERPAVE project will demonstrate the technical and economic and environmental feasibility of different combinations of sustainable asphalt mixes that will replace virgin materials by recycled and renewable alternatives. The project will focus on two main components of the pavements. On the one side, it will look for the replacement of the virgin aggregates by recycled materials and by products. On the other side, considering the higher impact of the bitumen when compared to the aggregates, alternative binders such as waste engine oils and bio-fluxing agents will be integrated in the mixes to reduce the amount of oil-based binders.


After the studies carried out in the laboratory with the new materials and the accelerated tests performed on test tracks, the technology will be validated by the construction and monitoring of one stretch road in Italy.


1/10/2015 – 31/03/2018


  • University of Cantabria (Spain).
  • ACCIONA (Spain).
  • Statens väg-och transportforskninginstitut (Sweden).
  • Western Research Institute (USA).
  • Impresa Bacchi (Italy).

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