Water for agriculture

ACCIONA will bring its extensive experience as one of the world's leading water operators in facility construction, financing, energy supply and digital transformation to support the Comunidad de Regantes de la Acequia de Alhendín (Granada) in integrated management.

The Community's water infrastructure consists of a water conduction system using open channels starting from a regulating reservoir with a capacity of 4,000 m³ which is fed directly from the river or from a borehole in the months when surface water is less available. A 200 kW solar photovoltaic installation has recently been built, which will help to reduce CO₂ emissions and considerably cut pumping energy costs.

Through its energy management tools, ACCIONA will be able to get the most out of the solar installation and optimise the electricity tariff.


The Comunidad de Regantes de la Acequia de Alhendín is located in the Vega de Granada and draws its water from the River Dílar, a tributary of the Genil. This community was set up in the 1950s, although the irrigation rights are much older, having been recorded in the "Libros de Apeos" in the 16th century. It covers an area of more than 7,200 marshes distributed among more than 600 commoners and the main crops in the area are woody (olive groves, almond trees...), horticulture (potatoes, vegetables, garlic...) and cereals.

Irrigation is the main user of water in Spain and irrigation communities play a decisive role in the sector's sustainability.

ACCIONA, a leader in the integral water cycle, offers the agricultural sector its experience and know-how in sustainable and innovative technologies to guarantee the quality of water supply and optimal asset management. The aim is to improve efficiency and reduce costs for its stakeholders.

General Information

  • Location: Alhendín, Granada. Spain
  • Crop types: woody, horticulture and cereals.
  • Area: 7,200 marshes

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