Our projects in Africa

Offering solutions since 1950 in 7 countries

Our activity in the continent began over 70 years ago in Morocco, where we have completed over 70 projects: port works, hydraulic works, roads, airports, dams, a hospital, educational centres and industrial complexes.

In 1997, ACCIONA began operations in Gabon to develop different infrastructure and water projects. For that reason, the company has a permanent office in Libreville, the country's capital. Several projects are currently being developed, including two roads and two hydraulic plants.

In 2011 and following its internationalisation process, ACCIONA began operations in Algeria to develop water supply and treatment projects.

The following year, in 2012, ACCIONA was awarded 3 renewable energy and infrastructure projects in South Africa

After South Africa, Egypt is the second country on the African continent in which ACCIONA is developing renewable facilities, although the prospect is to extend the implementation in this area in the coming years. In addition, ACCIONA handles the collection of water from the Nile River, its purification and transport to the storage tanks that distribute it to the network of end consumers and has built several purification and water treatment plants in the country.

ACCIONA started its activity in Cabo Verde in 2014 with the remodelling of the international airport terminal of Isla do Sal - Oasis (Amílcar Cabral) and the extension of the passenger terminal of the international airport of Boavista (Arístides Pereira). In addition, the company has built two desalination plants in the country.

ACCIONA is currently analysing PPP project opportunities in Kenya. In 2017, it was awarded the design and construction of two high-voltage electric power grids off the coast of Kenya, with a joint extension of about 177 kilometres and several substations.

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Our projects in Africa