Concession for the construction, renovation, restoration and conservation of an existent shadow toll road measuring 76.50 km long, in the section between the Ring road 2 (Guadalajara) and the provincial border with Soria.

In the 76.50-km section, the A-2 motorway is the main artery of the Spanish road network, linking the cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

The works expected in the road are classified according to the following three areas:

  • Area 1: Renovation and first set-up.
  • Area 2: Replacement works and intensive repair.
  • Area 3: Operation works and maintenance of the road.

The concession will be completed in 2026.

General Information

Aragón, Spain
Contract type
Construction, remodelling, restoration, operation and maintenance
Rehabilitation and maintenance of existing A-2 road measuring total length of 76.50 km.
Year of project completion