Construction of a 12 km section of dual carriageway, with five subways and three overpasses, in the urban area between Jerez de la Frontera and El Puerto de Santa María, belonging to the A-4 highway.

Of the 12 km of dual carriageway, 6 km belong to the trunk road and the rest to the branches of the 4 junctions of the dual carriageway.

The standard section has two platforms separated by a median, with 7.00 m wide carriageways and two 3.50 m lanes in each direction, 1.00 m inner verges and 2.50 m outer verges, with 1.00 m berms. The most important elements of the dual carriageway are:

  • 5 subways, one box type, two single span of 20 m and the other two, 3 spans with a total length of 46,20 m each.
  • 3 overpasses of 3 spans with a length of 50.50 m each.

Transversal drainage works were also carried out, as well as road safety works, signalling and beaconing, complementary works, enclosures and traffic diversions.


  • Location: Cádiz, Spain.
  • Contract type: Construction.
  • Infrastructure: 12 km long section of highway with 3 overpasses and 5 subways.
  • Year of project completion: 2001

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