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ACCIONA takes electricity to 25,000 inhabitants of remote rural communities in Mexico


Fundación ACCIONA Microenergía [ACCIONA Microenergy Foundation] is to install solar panels to provide renewable energy for 800 communities in Oaxaca that are not scheduled for grid connection

The Luz en casa Oaxaca [Light in the Home Oaxaca] project gets under way by installing the first solar panels in a ceremony attended by the Oaxaca authorities, ACCIONA executives and officials from Spain's Foreign Ministry.

ACCIONA, through its ACCIONA Microenergy Foundation, has rolled out Luz en Casa Oaxaca, a program that sets out to install 10,000 domestic PV solar units to give 25,000 inhabitants in rural areas in Oaxaca (Mexico) access to electric power.

As the Head of ACCIONA International Business, Ms. Carmen Becerril, explains, the project, set-up as a Public-Private Development Association with the participation of the government of the State of Oaxaca, the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation (AECD) and ACCIONA, aims at "laying the foundations for households in the state of Oaxaca to access electricity, over the next four years at the latest, as well as giving them access to renewable, non-polluting and sustainable energy".

The ceremony included the signing of the agreement and the installation of the first panels. It was attended by Carmen Becerril, the Governor of Oaxaca, Cué Monteagudo, the General Manager of ACCIONA Energía México, Miguel Ángel Alonso and the Spanish Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Jesús Gracia.

The Luz en Casa program will take basic electrical services, e.g. lighting and communication (radio and TV), to communities with less than 100 inhabitants in Oaxaca. It will install domestic PV solar units made up of a solar panel, three lights and a battery capable of powering low-consumption appliances.

Previously, the system was implemented successfully by Microenergy Foundation in Peru; it is economically sustainable in the long term as it tops up the financing provided by ACCIONA Microenergy, the local authorities and the AECD, with small regular payments from end-users. These payments come to less than the average monthly cost of candles, oil, batteries etc., and the money is ploughed back into the project to cover the costs of maintenance, repairs and spare parts.

ACCIONA Microenergía

Fundación ACCIONA Microenergía is part of the ACCIONA Group, a global leader in the implementation of renewable energy and social infrastructure, and end-to-end water management.
The Foundation sets out to make energy and water more accessible for rural communities that have nom prospects of grid-connection; it does so by means of economically sustainable programs based on an initial donation and a payment-per-service model.

The Luz en casa Oaxaca project is ACCIONA Microenergy's first initiative in Mexico, where it began its activities in 2012 by setting up ACCIONA Microenergía México A.C., a not-for-profit citizen's association. In 2009 the foundation began its activities in Peru where it currently delivers electrical energy to 1300 households in the province of Cajamarca, with plans to reach 3,000 users in 2013.

ACCIONA in Mexico

ACCIONA's presence in Mexico goes back three decades. The Group's Infrastructure arm has completed a number of social Infrastructure (hospitals and universities), transport and real estate projects up and down the country. ACCIONA Energía México leads the way in installed wind power capacity in the country: total installed capacity currently stands at 556MW, mostly in Oaxaca State; at end 2012 this figure amounted for 40% of Mexico's operational wind power capacity, enough to provide the energy needs of 1,300,000 households. ACCIONA Agua-in a JV with Mexican and international partners-is currently engaged in the construction of two sanitation projects that are set to have enormous social impact: two wastewater treatment plants, in Atotonilco and Caracol, which will treat the wastewater from 18 million inhabitants of the Valle de México area.


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