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ACCIONA Agua enters Saudi Arabia with a construction contract for a desalination plant


The 100,000m3/day plant will service the city of Al Jubail and its related industrial complex.

The 100,000m3/day plant will service the city of Al Jubail and its related industrial complex.

Saudi Arabia's Marafiq Power & Water Utility Company for Jubail & Yanbu has awarded ACCIONA Agua-in a consortium with Saudi Arabia's BinLaden Group, considered a world leader in construction- the contract for the design, construction and bringing into service of the Al Jubail desalination plant which will service the city of Al Jubail and its associated industrial complex, located in the Eastern Province of the Saudi coast of the Persian Gulf. This is ACCIONA's first-ever contract in Saudi Arabia.

The desalination plant, which will be called the SWRO-4, is expected to come into operation at the end of 2014. It will have a capacity of 100,000m3/day, representing well over twice the combined capacity of the city's existing five desalination plants. Construction of the new plant is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

The Al Jubail industrial city has two Multistage Flash Desalination (MSF) plants, and three RO facilities with a combined capacity of 84,000 cubic meters a day. The MSF plants draw water from the Arabian Sea to desalinate and produce drinking water, while the RO plants will feed 12 wells in the Al Jubail area. This group of desalination plants can meet the water needs of Jubail itself and other parts of Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province.

ACCIONA Agua is a world leader in Reverse Osmosis seawater and brackish-water desalination. The Company has built more than 70 desalination plants with a total production of drinking water of 1.9 million cubic meters a day, meeting the needs of six million people. Recently, ACCIONA Agua also won contracts for two wastewater treatment plants in Mexico (Caracol) and Costa Rica (Los Tajos).

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