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96% of ACCIONA Real Estate’s clients are satisfied with customer service at point-of-sale


The latest annual survey's geographical scope has been extended to include Mexico and Poland.

The survey now also analyses the quality of customer service at point-of-sale and customer satisfaction levels.

The latest annual survey's geographical scope has been extended to include Mexico and Poland.

The survey now also analyses the quality of customer service at point-of-sale and customer satisfaction levels.

17-06-2009Clients of ACCIONA Real Estate, the pioneer in eco-efficient housing, give the company a customer service at point-of-sale rating of 8 out of 10, according to the findings of the Division's second annual Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction survey. In addition, overall satisfaction went up one full point from 2007. This year the survey's geographical scope has been extended to take in Mexico and Poland.

Among other objectives, the telephone survey aimed at measuring customer-service satisfaction among clients who purchased ACCIONA Real Estate branded homes and placing in order of importance the value placed by clients on different aspects of service. The Company also analysed service quality to check the skills of the sales team and the levels of excellence in sales processes, using 'mystery shoppers' to spot flaws in sales channels (physical, phone and online), and to improve service quality overall.

In the latest survey, ACCIONA Real Estate clients gave overall satisfaction and customer service at point-of-sale and at contract-signing time a better rating than in 2007. It is also worth noting that the aspect of service that clients value most is the way in which all necessary paperwork and administrative procedures (delivery of documents, punctual handing-over, specialist advice and guidance, welcome pack, etc) are taken care of, followed by the quality and the functioning of the house itself and customer service.

In line with ACCIONA Real Estate's push for internationalisation, this year the geographical scope of the survey has been extended to take in other countries and regions where the company is present. As a result, surveys measuring customer service at point-of-sale and customer satisfaction were also conducted in Mexico and Poland.

ACCIONA Real Estate is working hard to enhance its services in an attempt to gradually improve its standing among clients. The positive results obtained recognize the company's commitment to quality and come as a spur to continue to walk this path, placing in order of importance the aspects of service on which clients place the highest value.

Pioneers in eco-efficient housing

All ACCIONA Real Estate developments embrace sustainability criteria, and one of the company's main objectives is to develop projects capable of safeguarding the environment while keeping down running costs for home-owners. To this end, ACCIONA Real Estate has come up with criteria based on three essential premises: energy saving, efficient use of water, and clean construction and sustainable design.

Energy-saving measures include the use of energy-efficient mechanisms in all ACCIONA Real Estate housing, favouring low-energy consumption through passive energy-saving. Extensive use is made of bioclimatic architecture techniques, energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems, renewable energies (e.g. solar thermal), energy regulation and automation systems, energy-efficient lighting (low-consumption lamps, timers…), top-level energy-efficient electrical appliances (A, A++) and low consumption elevators.

Another permanent feature of ACCIONA Real Estate housing is the use throughout of systems aimed at efficient use of water, such as low water flow faucets and double flush cisterns. Outside and in gardens, water consumption is kept down to a minimum thanks to automated watering systems, native plants and systems for recycling and reusing grey water and rainwater for watering communal areas.
The actual building of all ACCIONA Real Estate housing is geared towards improving habitability and accessibility, sound-proofing and ventilation, and maintenance, as well as making the most of energy-efficient construction systems. The company uses eco-friendly materials - carrying out Lifetime Cycle Analysis - drawing on recycled and eco-certified materials and FSC-certified wood, and studying alternative systems for ensuring water quality in non-chlorinated pools and for managing waste.

ACCIONA, leading the way in Infrastructure, Services and Renewables

ACCIONA is a leading Spanish corporation, with a varied portfolio of activities - Infrastructure, Energy, Water Management and Services - in more than thirty countries on five continents.
ACCIONA  Real Estate has established itself as a benchmark in the Real Estate sector thanks to 20 years' experience in two main business areas: Residential and Real Estate Assets. In the residential sector, the company develops and markets housing in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Mexico and Brazil. In real estate assets, it develops and manages a range of properties, such as rental homes, office space, shopping malls, hotels and student lodging facilities.

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