Planet positive

We invest to regenerate the planet



Translate climate ambition and neutrality into projects.

Develop a Scope 3 decarbonisation strategy with a special focus on suppliers.

Incorporate Science-Based targets for Nature as the metric for designing achievable, proportional targets.

Develop circular alternatives in bids.

Identify and prioritise operations in areas of water stress by developing an ultra-efficiency water-positive plan.

Develop solutions for the base of the water supply and sanitation pyramid in places with difficult access to water.


Alignment of over 90% of CAPEX exposed to activities listed in the taxonomy.

Identify zero-carbon options in all procurement categories.

Use of renewable energy in 100% of projects where available (via greenchain).

Apply Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) that are equal or equivalent to planting and monitoring the growth of 1 million trees in 5 years, capable of neutralising ACCIONA's carbon footprint in 2025.

Double the consumption of renewable and recycled resources and halve the amount of waste to landfill.

Water-positive projects in 100% of projects in water-stressed areas.

We invest to regenerate the planet