Integrate to transform

Capable of creating the sustainable difference in every project

Connect to impact. Difference in every project


Incorporate the analysis and coordination of differential sustainable capacities into the project design and management process.

Identify and develop a catalogue of sustainable differences in the company's business lines.

Develop a network of local partnerships in platform countries to facilitate the identification of partners and co-financiers of sustainable differences in the projects.

Promote innovative funding structures that encourage the development of positive or regenerative high impact projects.


Increase the number of sustainable solutions each year that integrate at least 3 business areas.

Have at least 25 improvements per business unit.

Catalogue of sustainable differences updated regularly for delivery to partners and clients during the bidding process.

Dedication of 100,000 volunteer hours in the period 2021-2025.

Launch of a fund to mobiliseadditional regenerative investments —"ACCIONA Sustainable Accelerator" —in the period 2021-2025.

Deployment and implementation of the ESG investment strategy to achieve international standards as an advanced practice.

Capaces de crear la diferencia sostenible en cada proyecto