ACCIONA plays a responsible role in the adoption of decisions by public institutions and contributes its viewpoint, in a transparent fashion, on issues that affect its business areas and the industries in which it operates. ACCIONA also works with associations that are involved in regulatory processes and in the definition of policies by government at various echelons.

In accordance with its Code of Conduct, ACCIONA does not make illegal monetary contributions for political purposes or to obtain favourable treatment, nor does it use sponsorships or donations to this end.

Within the European Union, ACCIONA has been registered since 2013 in the EU Transparency Register, where it discloses, in a transparent way, the interests it pursues, who defends them, and the related budget.

In 2019, the group's dialogue with its partner organizations and business associations focused primarily on contributing to public consultation processes and supporting policy development; in

the Energy area, we highlight, the development of an energy model based on increased penetration of renewable energies; electrification as an indispensable tool for the transition to a decarbonized economy,  and incentives for non-polluting behaviour and activities.  In the Infrastructure, water and service areas, the Development of regulatory frameworks conducive to green public procurement; Support for policies that favour energy saving and efficiency; and policies to ensure the sustainability of the urban water cycle management sector.

In 2019, ACCIONA made a notable contribution to organisations, playing a leading role in promoting dialogue between government, business and society:

Contributions to associations for the promotion of sustainability and trade associations

OrganizationsContributionFeatured Entities

Entities promoting sustainbability and global dialogue

822,913 €

World Economic Forum and Un Globlal Compact

Entities for the technical development of ACCIONA's business

385,513 €

CEOE and Círculo de Empresarios

Industry associations

911,409 €

SEOPAN and Wind Europe


2,119,835 €