ACCIONA, in anticipation of the next surge of investment in rail infrastructure, and aware of the important role that the ballastless track will play in this surge, as well as of the obstacle to competitiveness caused by the use of commercial systems, has promoted the development of its own ballastless track system.

    As we are anticipating the next boom in investment in railway transportation, conscious of the important role that slab track is to play in that, and aware of the drag on competitiveness caused by the use of commercial systems, ACCIONA has promoted the development of its own slab track system. The system is articulated around prefabricated concrete slabs, each of which contains two pairs of prefabricated blocks with premounted elastic fastening.

    In order to attenuate the vibrations inherent to slab track and enable adjustment of the vertical rigidity, the FASTRACK system has up to three planes of elasticity of scalable rigidity.

    Under-track pad, with standard commercial range of rigidities (60-120 kN/mm), under-block pad and elastic boot surrounding the block/pad assembly. Elastic mat under the slab.

    Horizontal efforts are transmitted to the ground by a steel stopper or fastening system, made of two concentric cylinders that slide along each other, allowing the free vertical movement of the slab.

    Additionally, to enable optimum adaptation to potential deformations in the ground, the system will be installed on a 160 mm thick  asphalt sub-base.


    • High attenuation of vibrations: it can achieve levels of attenuation of vibrations greater than 20 dBv.
    •  Adaptability of vertical rigidity: it can be adjusted to customer needs and ground features, and transition zones can even be designed without modifying the prefabricated components of the system. 
    •  High installation performance due to the prefabrication and reduced size of its components. 
    • Adaptability to settling. Due to its shorter slabs and its bituminous sub-base, the system can adapt to ground settling without suffering irreversible damage to the prefabricated components. 
    •  Ability to correct levelling. In the event of major settling that exceeds the ability of the fastenings to adapt, the system lets you replace the affected modules and then relevel.