ACCIONA Chair at SUR School of Artistic Professions

ACCIONA Chair, a cycle of conferences offered once a month by renowned authors and universal thinkers


ACCIONA, as a partner company of SUR, is granting five new full scholarships for the 2021/23 Master's course in Arts and Artistic Professions at SUR and Carlos III University of Madrid to promote access to training for Spanish and Latin American students.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of:

  • Track record
  • Motivation
  • Potential
  • Means

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ACCIONA and SUR. Escuela de Profesiones Artísticas (School of Artistic Professions), signed an agreement in December 2014, which arose from the ACCIONA Chair and resulted in a cycle of conferences led once a month by renowned authors and universal thinkers. The programme is run from the headquarters of Círculo de Bellas Artes, which founded SUR in partnership with La Fábrica; and it consists of a closed session for students and a session that is open to the general public.

In its first cycle, the ACCIONA Chair arranged for lectures by such leading figures as Mario Vargas-Llosa, John Berger, Juan Calatrava, Massimo Cacciari, Georges Didi-Huberman, Joan Fontcuberta, Fredric Jameson, Chema Madoz and Eduardo Souto de Moura.

SUR, directed by Daniel Gómez-Valcárcel, embraces transversality as a means of educating its students and turning them into professionals: bringing together different artistic viewpoints into an integrated vision of all disciplines. The teachers are opposed to specialisation as a means towards the final encounter with a work; rather, they propound immersion, knowledge and the practice of different forms of expressing art as an indispensable phase.

Then, after probing the stimuli and instruments offered by each artistic manifestation, students find themselves alone before the one that offers the greatest scope for personal and inner realisation. This allows them to more accurately express their feelings in a creation.

Presentation event at SUR. Escuela de Profesiones Artísticas from SUR EscuelaonVimeo.

SUR's form of pedagogy hinges on practice, in the form of thirty workshops taught by specialists in each area, combining different forms of artistic expression such as poetry, theatre, cinema, music, dance, drawing, sculpture and photography. This multidisciplinary training provides an education in the arts by connecting their common features, combined with a strong professional orientation.

What makes SUR a unique school? from SUR Escuela on Vimeo.


In 2015 ACCIONA received the "SOMOS CULTURA" ("WE ARE CULTURE") quality guarantee seal from Círculo de Bellas Artes, which is awarded every year to all companies and organisations that have contributed in some way to it retaining its position as a leader in terms of culture in Spain and around the world.