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ACCIONA awarded the management contract for Aigües Ter Llobregat


A 50-year concession for upstream water supply, involving the capture of water, its storage in tanks and its distribution across the network to end-users.

A 50-year concession for upstream water supply, involving the capture of water, its storage in tanks and its distribution across the network to end-users.

The Generalitat de Cataluña [Catalonian Regional Government] has awarded a consortium led by ACCIONA and the Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual the management concession for Aigües Ter Llobregat, the company that manages the upstream water supply for the Barcelona (northeastern Spain), the city's metropolitan area and nine nearby districts, serving a total population equivalent of nearly 5 million inhabitants.

The upstream water supply covers initial water capture (from the rivers Ter and Llobregat and desalination plants) and its storage in municipals tanks, from where the local water authority or concessionaire of the upstream water supply distributes the water directly to end-users. The facilities managed by ATLL include and four large plants; the Abrera and Cardedeu drinking water treatment plants, for the waters of the rivers Ter and Llobregat, and the desalination stations of Prat del Llobregat and La Tordera; and several pumping and impulsion stations and 900 kilometers of pipes.

The winning consortium is led by ACCIONA Agua (39%) and the Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual (39%) and includes several minority stake companies representing private investors. The 50-year concession includes the management, running and improvement of facilities that make up the Ter-Llobregat supply network, including water treatment, storage and transport.  The expected fees come to 995.5 million euro, of which 298.6 will be paid on the signing of the contract and the remainder (696.8 million euro) will be paid in 50 annual installments.

ACCIONA Agua president Luis Castilla says: "The contract is a source of pride and satisfaction for ACCIONA Agua. Our company will be applying at ATLL all of its decades-long proven track record and experience gleaned from projects carried out on the five continents. We'll be working shoulder-to-shoulder with the Catalonian Regional Water Authority to continue to deliver top-class service and come up with tech solutions that the water cycle in Catalonia".

ACCIONA Agua is a world leader in the construction and management of water treatment plants. More than 70 million people worldwide benefit from ACCIONA Agua's operations and services, namely desalination, purification, drinking water treatment and end-to-end water services. Over the past it has built more than 400 water treatment plants, more than 100 drinking water treatment plants and over 70 desalination facilities. Today, ACCIONA Agua operates more than 300 water treatment plants and serves a population equivalent of 40 million inhabitants.

In particular, ACCIONA Agua has built and operates other facilities where, like the ATLL concession, it manages the upstream water supply, such as the Beckton (London, UK) desal plant, the Tampa (Florida, USA) desalination facility, the Adelaide (Australia) desal plant-one of the three largest of its kind in the world-and the Perth desalination station, also located in Australia. In addition, it is currently building the world's biggest wastewater treatment plant in Atotonilco (Mexico), which will provide freshwater for 10.5 million people and which ACCIONA Agua will operate for a 25-year period.

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