What is each episode about?

    What will happen to the refugees from climate change? How will India respond to the millions of inhabitants who will make the country the most populated in the world? What will be the consequences of global warming on the fauna and flora of the planet? These are just some of the questions that need answers and reactions, as we face up to the irrefutable fact that: the time is now to stop climate change.

    Episode 1


    Well-known journalist David Letterman travels to India to discover what sustainability measures the country will assume as it overtakes China as the most populated country on Earth, with around 1.3 billion inhabitants. What decisions will it adopt to power its economy, expand its energy network and take electricity to 300 million people currently without it? Journalist Cecily Strong also tries to uncover what is blocking the growth of solar energy in the US.





    Episode 2


    Miami is in danger of sinking into the ocean by the end of the century. Actor Jack Black heads to the US city to see how it can survive the rise in sea level. Also in this episode, actor Ian Somerhalder goes to the Bahamas, with scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, to investigate a future endangered by mega storms.




    Episode 3


    New York Times columnist Tom Friedman investigates the increase in refugees forced to abandon their homes as a result of climate change. Actor Don Cheadle visits California in the US to find out about policies for combating the worst drought the state has suffered in 1,200 years.




    Episode 4


    Actor, politician and executive producer of the series, Arnold Schwarzenegger, explores the relationship between the military and climate change, reflected in the situations in which the armed forces have to fight against an increasing number of natural disasters related to the climate. Also, supermodel Gisele Bündchen goes back to her country of origin, Brazil, to observe the damaged caused in the Amazon region and looks at the work done to save the rain forest.




    Episode 5


    Actor Joshua Jackson travels to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to contemplate the devastating effects of climate change on the oceans, which cover 70% of the planet and are essential to the survival of species.





    Episode 6


    Actress Nikki Reed explores what could be the definitive solution to climate change: making carbon pay. Meanwhile, former ‘Daily Show’ correspondent Aasif Mandvi heads on another mission – this time to Kenya to understand the threat climate change poses to species in danger of extinction.






    Episode 7


    Actor Ty Burrell looks at the revolutions being produced by electric and automatic vehicle technologies, given that the transport sector accounts for a fifth of all CO2 emissions. Actor Bradley Whitford heads to Capitol Hill in Washington to learn about a growing movement to persuade the Republican Party to accept that climate change exists.





    Episode 8


    Actress America Ferrera goes to Illinois in the US where a coal plant is creating tensions between those who want to close it and those who want to keep it open. She gets to know a group of activists promoting clean energies that generate green jobs. Meanwhile, actress Sigourney Weaver analyzes China’s explosive economic growth and its impact on the environment, not only at the local level but also worldwide.

    Highlights of the series

    What are ACCIONA's Business Lines?

    What are ACCIONA's Business Lines?


    The fight against climate change is a strategic priority for a sustainable planet. ACCIONA is committed to being carbon-neutral in 2016, and has cut its CO2 emissions by 40% in the past five years. The company believes in clean energies as the engine of progress: it will invest at least 2.5 billion dollars in the development of renewable technologies by 2020.