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    United Kingdom

    ACCIONA began operations in the United Kingdom in 2003, focusing on the water and service sectors.

    ACCIONA started operating in the UK in 2003 with a focus on the water and services sectors. ACCIONA built and designed Britain’s first desalinator, the Beckton desalinator (150,000 m³/day) with a supply capacity of 900,000 people. It is the first plant where for the first time, ACCIONA uses a pioneering technology in the world: the first reverse osmosis process


    Beckton Desalination Plant

    Beckton Desalination Plant

    ACCIONA inaugurated the Beckton Desalination Plant in 2010 in the Tamesis delta. It was the first large-scale desalination plant in the country (150,000 m³/day) with a supply capacity of 900,000 people


    Beatriz Laína Hernández

    Construction: Business Development
    +44 20 7960 6400
    Audley House, 13 Palace Street SW1E 5HX London

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