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    ACCIONA's activities in India began in March 2005 with the debut of the Energy division. ACCIONA was the first Spanish company to install and operate a wind farm in India. In 2011, ACCIONA Water also entered the country, establishing its operational base in New Delhi.


    Tuppadahalli wind farm

    Tuppadahalli wind farm

    With 56MW capacity, the Tuppadahalli Wind Farm is the largest of the ACCIONA’s wind parks in India, which total 86MW, all located in the State of Karnataka. Tuppadahalli consists of 34 wind turbines and produces clean energy equivalent to the power consumption of 35,000 Indian homes while avoiding the emission of 129,000 metric tonnes of CO2 a year from conventional power stations.


    Glen Reccani

    Energy: Country Managing Director AWE
    +91 80 4155 7103
    The Millenia, No. 1&2 Tower C, 4th Floor, Unit 402, Lake Wing Murphy Road Ulsoor Bangalore 560008 India

    Juan José Fernández

    Infrastructure: Asia contact

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