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    South Africa

    ACCIONA has carried out activities in South Africa since September 2012 through their Energy and Infrastructures divisions after being awarded three renewable energy projects.




    ACCIONA owns and operates the Sishen photovoltaic solar plant in South Africa, which has the largest output of any plant of its type in Africa (214 GWh/year). The project is a joint venture with Aveng, Soul City and Dibeng Community Trust. It became operational in December 2014.

    Gouda Wind Farm

    Gouda Wind Farm

    ACCIONA’s first wind farm in South Africa, the Gouda facility, was connected to the grid in 2015. Located in Western Cape province, it has a capacity of 138 MW thanks to 46 ACCIONA Windpower turbines of 3 MW nominal output each. ACCIONA is the majority partner in the project in alliance with Aveng, Soul City and a local community trust. The facility covers the demand from around 200,000 South African homes.

    Bokpoort Thermosolar Power Plant

    Bokpoort Thermosolar Power Plant

    Awarded to ACCIONA and its partners in June 2012 The construction is expected to last 30 months and will finish in early 2015. The 50 MW facility will use parabolic troughs and will have a molten salt energy storage system.


    Javier Montes

    Energy: South Africa CEO
    +27 (0) 21 912 5300
    Unit 1501, 15th floor Portside Building 4 Bree Street Cape Town 8001 South Africa

    Fernando Minguez Llorente

    Infrastructure: Africa

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