in the heart of Norway

Turnkey contractor ACCIONA is design and constructing of 23 kilometres of four-lane highway in collaboration with Norwegian state-owned Nye Veier.

The E6 between Ranheim and Værnes effectively connects the largest regional centre with its most important regional hub, including the regional airport. To do this, ACCIONA has been awarded a contract worth NOK 4.3 billion to design and build the motorway, the project has a total cost framework of NOK 7 billion. ACCIONA's commitment consists of both the design and construction of the 23-kilometers of motorway, which includes 7.3 kilometres of tunnels, three new motorway bridges and five new two-level intersections.


As part of the upgrade of the existing tunnels, ACCIONA will build new portals and renew the infrastructure. This will increase the capacity of the E6 from two to four lanes and significantly improve traffic safety and reduce the need for detours during maintenance work. Construction, which started in 2020, is scheduled for completion in 2026. Until its re-opening, ACCIONA Construction will also be responsible for managing traffic and constructing temporary alternatives to maintain the flow of vehicles between the two key hubs.

 The new design and construction include following:

  • 23 km of 4 lanes compared to the two existing lanes (2+2)
  • 3 highway bridges (240 m, 290(x2))
  • 3 tunnels, 7.3 km in total (1.7, 1.8, and 3.9 km)
  • Many new overpasses and culverts
  • Project goals:
    • Improving traffic safety.
    • Improving traffic efficiency.


  • Location: Trøndelag, Norway.
  • Type of contract: Design and Construction.
  • Infrastructure: 23 km of highway including three tunnels, five two-level intersections and three highway bridges.
  • Construction end year: 2026.


Since the project was awarded in 2018, ACCIONA has completed basic design work with Nye Veier under the client-contractor association model being implemented in the Norwegian public works market. ACCIONA utilizes local entrepreneurs for much of the development

Basic design work included reducing the risk of unforeseen circumstances. It also optimised the road design to improve safety and traffic flow during the construction phase.


  • Være tunnel (1,700 m), constructing one new one and restoring another.
  • Stavsjøfjell tunnel (1,800 m), constructing one new one and restoring another.
  • Helltunnelen (3,900 m), constructing one new one and restoring another.

Highway bridges:

  • Hommelvik Bridge (240 m (x2)), 3,158 m2.
  • Sandfærhus Bridge (290 m), 3,615 m2.

Key figures


km of a four-lane highway


km of underground highway


tunnels between 1 and 4 kilometres in length




double tunnels


€ project

A business model based on sustainability

Where do we build when?

On behalf of Nye Veier, we will build a 23 km new four-lane motorway from Ranheim to Værnes. Here is an overview of the start of construction on the various projects.

The entire stretch between Ranheim and the airport at Værnes is scheduled for completion in 2025. New Roads will open on the road between Trondheim and Hommelvik at the end of 2024. The road between Trondheim and Reitan, at today's exit to Storsand, is scheduled to open in early 2024.

What we do for the environment locally

The Neighborhood Act also applies to road builders

Like everyone else, road builders must follow the Neighborhood Act. It states that no one is allowed to do anything that causes unreasonable or unnecessary harm or inconvenience to neighbors.

What is unreasonable or unnecessary when building a road is not always easy to assess.

We work hard to set up the work as gently as possible. If someone still thinks that we do not act gently enough, we want them to contact us, then we will come and assess the relationship.

Least possible inconvenience for road users

One of ACCIONA's five overall goals in the project E6 Ranheim — Værnes is to minimize inconveniences for all road user groups during the construction and operation period. We plan the work so that periods of closure and detour will be as short as possible. Even more important is that it should be safe for all road users while the construction work is in progress, not least for the children to and from school. We inform Vegtrafikksentralen and Nye Veier about all incidents that affect traffic. Then it is Vegtrafikksentralen that notifies road users. Nye Veier offers news alerts on e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Nye Veier's websites. You can receive notification of explosions by SMS. Detours and changes in traffic patterns are well signposted along the road. 

As gently as possible

ACCIONA aims to build the new E6 as gently as possible. We do what we can to ensure that people and the environment along the road are exposed to as little inconvenience and strain as possible.

Road construction and other construction work are impossible to carry out without noise, dust and other nuisances to the surroundings. But it is entirely possible to plan and carry out the work in such a way that the disadvantages are minimized.

In addition to following laws and guidelines, we have set ourselves a clear goal of minimizing the inconvenience to people and the environment along the way.

Least noise

We follow the Ministry of Climate and the Environment's guidelines for the treatment of noise in spatial planning (T-1442). If the calculated noise value is higher than the recommended limits, we implement noise reduction measures both for the construction phase and for the finished road. There may be noise barriers, ramparts, noise insulation of facades and noise reduction measures for patios. Sweco has performed noise calculations all the way for ACCIONA.

What we do for the environment locally

Local environmental measures along the new E6

ACCIONA is making an efford to minimize the enironmental impact generated by the E6 Ranheim-Værnes project by impleting measures and always following profesional advice.

Here are some examples of how we constantly work to safeguard nature and the environment in the local area:

  • Fish and mussels from the Rivers Homla and Høybybekken have been removed from the area affected by the project, and placed upstreams in a safer area.
  • We will create an artificial pond to create a suitable habitat for frogs upstreams in Høybybekken.
  • When finalized, the area of Høybydalen will be improved for salmon and trouts migration with the new circuit.
  • All areas are carefully studied to minimize the impact over the fauna, for example, respecting nesting areas or bats corridors.
  • Protected species: ACCIONA helped to mark where a special orchid bloomed which has not been seen since 1975.
  • We monitor the noise generated by the project placing noise monitoring stations and, when needed, noise barriers are set up.
  • We have also implemented a monitoring system to keep control on the water quality of the rivers to identify any possible effect over them
  • All process water from tunnel construction is treated in the 4 Water treatment plants that Acciona has in the project


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