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    Sydney Light Rail

    New 12 km light railway in Sydney, Australia.

    Design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance until 2030 of the 12 km section of light railway and the later operation of 25 km of infrastructure made up of the new section and another already existing line of 13 km. 

    The new infrastructure will have 19 stops, a bridge and a tunnel, Control Center installations, train depots, substations and other buildings along the line. The project is also associated with important relocation of services infrastructure and extensive urban regeneration. 

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    Puhoi-Warkworth Highway

    Warkworth, New Zealand

    Following its strong success in Australia, ACCIONA has now entered the New Zealand market with the award of a collaborative public-private partnership (PPP) contract to design, construct, finance, and manage and maintain for 25 years, the Puhoi-Warkworth highway.

    Highway over Roskilde Fjord

    Frederikssund – Roskilde, Denmark

    The highway over the fjord between Frederikssund and Roskilde is ACCIONA’s first project in Denmark. It will improve road traffic in the city of Frederikssund

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