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    More than one hundred years' experience

    ACCIONA is at the forefront in R&D+ and one of the leading construction companies in the world, using the latest techniques to carry out projects.

    ACCIONA covers the whole range of construction, from engineering to the performance of works and their later maintenance, and also the management of public works concessions, particularly in the field of transport and social infrastructures.

    The organization has three specialized business units: 1) Roads and bridges; 2) Railways and tunnels; and 3) Special projects, together with the areas of Engineering and other businesses (Metal structures, Maintenance, Machinery…).

    In an increasingly globalized and complex world, ACCIONA is firmly committed to international consolidation and expansion as a key element in its growth and development strategy. Working in this direction, the company has developed and participated in some of the biggest works projects in the world over the last 50 years.

    Backlog includes Construction and Industrial*


    3,137 Millions €


    205 Millions €


    +11,220 people


    5,328 Millions €


    Data from 2018

    Activities of Construction



    ACCIONA's experience in building highways and expressways covers more than 5,000 kilometers of these roadways all over the world. A leader in construction and engineering solutions, ACCIONA has also become a world benchmark company in the construction of all kinds of bridges and viaducts: footbridges and arched, suspension or hanging bridges in concrete, metal… or a combination of both. 

    Railroads and Tunnels

    Railroads and Tunnels

    ACCIONA has more than 100 years’ experience in the construction of railroad infrastructure in hundreds of projects. It has designed and built more than 3,000 kilometers of lines, of which more than 1,700 km are high-speed. It has also participated in the construction of subway and tramway systems all over the world and has a long track record in underground works, where it stands out for its geotechnics research and the use of mechanical bores and ventilation systems, plus the definitive use of the tunneling machine as the safest boring method to reduce working times.




    ACCIONA has undertaken several maritime projects for public and private customers worldwide. It has built innumerable ports, dry docks and shipyards, quayside berths and canals, and a large number of leisure marinas. This makes it a key player in driving the international trade of passengers and goods.



    Comprehensive consultancy at the forefront of the sector.

    The Engineering activity area of ​​the Construction business of ACCIONA is a holistic consultancy and engineering firm providing high-quality services in civil, industrial and environmental engineering for Acciona Group and third parties around the world. The aera of Engineering covers the full range of services in every stage of a project, from planning to detailed design and supervision of works. 

    With a clear international focus, the Engineering area has consolidated itself as a highly internationalized company, having worked in 70 countries all across the five continents in the last five years, delivering both from its headquarters in Madrid and from its branches and subsidiaries in Latam, Africa, Eastern Europe and Mena. 

    Its main activities comprise Roads, Railways, Metros and Tramways, Airports, Infrastructure Management, Structures, Architecture and Urban Planning, Geology and Geotechnics, Waterworks, Maritime Works, Industrial Projects, Installations, Environment and Climate Change, Innovation, Consultancy, and Management and Supervision of construction works. 

    The Company is made up of over 400 professionals and equipped with cutting-edge technological and ICT resources, enabling us to undertake and handle any project with the highest levels of quality, excellence and efficiency.

    Flagship projects

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