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    “Nevada Solar One” solar thermal/CSP plant

    Has 76 linear kilometers of parabolic trough collectors (in 760 sections), with 182.000 curved mirrors, all of which collect and concentrate sunlight on 18,240 reception tubes located at their focal point , with fluid circulating at a temperature of up to 400 ºC.

    True to its philosophy of being pioneers in development and sustainability, when ACCIONA connected Nevada Solar One (NSO) plant in the Nevada desert to the grid, it was the first to be installed in the world in 19 years, after the units installed in the Mojave Desert in the early 90s, at the height of the oil crisis. The NSO was the poster child for the emergence of a technology destined to play a significant role in the U.S. energy system and in large parts of the world with enough solar capacity.

    Strategic importance:

    Nevada Solar One has made ACCIONA a world leader in CSP. The plant's construction and operation, with production 9% higher than forecast in the first year of operation, has been a key experience in order to undertake new projects in this technology.

    Based on this experience, the company was able to deploy five solar plants totaling 250 MW in a matter five years (2008-2012).

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