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    Amareleja photovoltaic (PV) solar plant

    With 45.78 MW of capacity, the photovoltaic plant produces 93 million kWh of electricity – equivalent to the consumption by over 30,000 Portuguese homes – and avoids the annual emission of 89,383 tonnes of CO2 by coal-fired power stations.

    ACCIONA was a pioneer in building the Amareleja photovoltaic plant, with a capacity of 45.78 MWp. It was one of the world’s biggest facilities to use full-field solar tracking when installed.

    Constructed in a record time of 13 months, and connected to the grid in 2008, the plant has shown ACCIONA’s ability to assure the success of large photovoltaic projects.

    The facility has 2,520 ACCIONA solar tracking mechanisms, incorporating a total of 262,080 photovoltaic modules. These produce some 93 GWh per year, equivalent to the demand for electricity from around 30,000 homes.

    ACCIONA has a total of 389 MWp of own photovoltaic capacity (at 31 December 2016). The Company has just finished building El Romero Solar PV plant (246 MWp) in the Atacama Desert, the biggest such facility in Latin America. It also operates the Sishen plant (94 MWp) in South Africa, the biggest producer in Africa, and has installed, as a contractor for FRV, the Royalla facility (24 MWp) south of Canberra, one of the largest in Australia.


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