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    World leader in renewable energy

    ACCIONA is the biggest global energy company operating exclusively in the renewable energy sector, present in over 20 countries on five continents. It works significant with five technologies: wind, solar photovoltaic, hydroelectricity, biomass and solar thermal

    The company operates more than 9,600 Megawatts (MW) of own capacity, annually producing some 22 Terawatt-hours (TWh) of emission-free electricity, the equivalent of consumption by over six million homes. It has also developed projects for third parties, for whom it has installed almost 2,000 MW.

    Thanks to its experience of 30 years in the renewable energy sector, the company offers reliable and efficient solutions based on the most advanced technologies.

    The company also markets electricity of 100% renewable origin in the electricity markets and through bilateral contracts with large customers, with special focus on corporations that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

    Based on its wide-ranging experience as a wind power operator, the company developed its own wind turbine-generator technology, which capped its success by agreeing to merge with the German company Nordex in 2016, creating a global leader in turbine manufacturing. In parallel, ACCIONA became the biggest shareholder in Nordex, thus maintaining its presence throughout the wind energy value chain.

    1,997 Million €


    845 Million €


    1.935* People


    10,117 MW


    Data from 2019 *Data from 2018

    Activities of Energy

    Wind power

    Wind power

    ACCIONA is a global leader in the promotion, construction, operation and maintenance of wind facilities, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. The combination of its leadership and knowledge of the sector have established ACCIONA as a global provider of products and services in all aspects of wind energy. They have installed more than 7,000 MW in property and nearly 1,500 additional MW for clients.

    More information about wind power.

    PV solar

    PV solar

    ACCIONA has extensive experience in the construction of photovoltaic plants. It has installed more than 1,000 MWp capacity for itself and for its customers. Of these, the 405-MWp Puerto Libertad (Mexico), one of the largest in Latin America, stands out, as well as El Romero Solar (246 MWp) in Chile, Benban (186 MWp) in Egypt and Sishen (94.3 MWp) in South Africa.

    More information about solar energy.

    Solar thermal/CSP

    Solar thermal/CSP

    ACCIONA became a pioneer in 2007 when it grid connected the Nevada Solar One, a 64 MW parabolic cylinder facility located in the Nevada Desert (USA). After that, the company installed five plants in Spain totaling 250 MW of capacity, which were sold to ContourGlobal in 2018. The deal was closed on May 10th.

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    ACCIONA is linked to the upgrading of small hydroelectric plants with decades of operation and leveraging their full value; it also has a long and successful history of building new plants and evaluating the resource in design, construction and O&M. The major hydroelectric generation park of the company, estimated at 876 MW, places this technology in second place of power generation after wind energy.



    ACCIONA has extensive experience in the field of biomass, both in terms of fuel supply logistics and the operation of plants which produce electricity. ACCIONA has three fully operational biomass plants, all of which stand as a benchmark in biomass-fueled power generation totaling 61 MW located in Sangüesa (30 MW), Briviesca (16 MW) and Miajadas (15 MW).

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