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  •   ACCIONA Energía develops 900-million-euro renewables projects in the region of Extremadura

    Date: 03/11/2008

    The President of the Regional Government of Extremadura inaugurates the Aldea del Conde photovoltaic solar garden and visits the construction work at the Alvarado solar thermal plant.

    ACCIONA Energía has projects in four clean technologies in the region of Extremadura with a total capacity of 359 MW.

    These projects involve two solar thermal plants, one biomass plant, two solar gardens and seven wind parks.

  •   ACCIONA Real Estate reinforces global expansion with projects in Brazil

    Date: 03/03/2008

    The company has purchased 213,000 square metres of land in the state of Río de Janeiro to develop 372 homes as part of a project costing a total of 28 million euro.

    ACCIONA Real Estate is planning to build homes in the states of Sao Paolo, Río de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.