ACCIONA Trasmediterránea renews night departures for its ferry linking Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona - ACCIONA

ACCIONA Trasmediterranea resumes overnight ferry service from Palma de Mallorca to Barcelona

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Date: 13/10/2008

Two ferries to cross paths daily between Barcelona and Mallorca.The people of Mallorca may once again spend the day in Barcelona and return home at night by ferry.

The company will double its daily cargo capacity with Mallorca, improve crew rotation and establish new transport lines for goods destined for the island.

Image of ferry linking Palma de  Mallorca and Barcelona ACCIONA Trasmediterranea’s new overnight service will improve the distribution of goods throughout the island. The doubling of cargo capacity means that Trasmediterranea will meet the current needs of customers, in terms of passengers and island cargo, by resuming the route the company previously  operated in the 90s.


There will be two daily departures in each direction from each port. The vessel Murillo departs Palma de Mallorca at 11:30 pm and arrives in Barcelona at 7 am; the ferry then leaves Barcelona at 1 pm and arrives in Palma at 8 pm.

The superferry Sorolla departs Barcelona at 11 pm and arrives in Palma at 7 am, leaving Palma at 1pm and arriving in Barcelona at 8 pm.

Advantages of the new night ferry service

The new Palma de Mallorca-Barcelona night ferry service offers a number of advantages to passengers in both cities, especially people from Mallorca, who are now able to sail at night (11 pm from Palma), in addition to the daytime departure already available. Island residents can enjoy an entire day in Barcelona and return to Palma de Mallorca at night, and travellers continuing on to other destinations in Spain or Europe with or without their vehicles, enjoy the convenience of arriving in Barcelona first thing in the morning.


With this new service ACCIONA Trasmediterranea provides the added value of an additional service that adapts to the needs of customers by increasing cargo flow by 100% with departures every 12 hours from each port, compared with the previous three weekly departures with a smaller-capacity vessel. The ferry's new departure at midday from Barcelona, , speeds the delivery of value-added goods, primarily perishables and freight, enabling them to arrive in storage at dawn and reach their final destination first thing in the morning. From this time on fresh products that are unloaded on arrival in Palma at 8pm can be available for sale when markets open anywhere on the island the following day.

The new line also improves crew rotation and redistribution of cargo, making distribution on the island comparable to the mainland. Less equipment is needed as the goods may be transported by the vehicles they arrive on rather than the previous method of unloading goods off the boat and loading onto the semi-trailers picking up the deliveries from the terminal.


The Murillo and Sorolla, the two ferries on this route, are the two most well-equipped and modern vessels in the ACCIONA Trasmediterranea fleet. Murillo has a 546 passenger capacity, and, together with its exquisite décor, offers on-board dining options including a self-service restaurant, a café, and a beer hall where passengers can enjoy a variety of beers and tapas, as well as a café-pub serving a range of coffees and cocktails. The ferry also has a reading room, a shop, check-in service for luggage, a kennel for pets and a heliport.

The superferry Sorolla can carry 1,000 passengers and it also boasts an extensive range and quality of services and accommodation. It has 10 decks: the upper decks house the cabins and seats and the different dining and leisure zones which include a self-service restaurant, an á-la-carte restaurant, a bar-beer hall, a pub, a cinema, reading and board game rooms, a children's area, a video game room and a shop, a disco, a swimming pool, a solarium, a bar, a Jacuzzi and a gym/sauna.

The cabins are large and Clase Club rooms are equipped with televisions. The seated areas are divided into two glass rooms with sea views and fitted with television screens showing films. The variety of on-board restaurants enables passengers to enjoy a selection of dishes, tapas and beverages. There is an equally varied recreational offering, which is even more extensive in summer. The pool and Jacuzzi are open all year round, shielded by a glass cover in winter which is then removed in summer. The pub and the disco are open until late for night owls. Murillo has capacity for 1,900 linear metres of cargo (equivalent to the transport of 135 trucks), and the superferry Sorolla can carry up to 1,800 linear metres of cargo (128 trucks).

ACCIONA Trasmediterranea is one of the largest shipping companies in Europe. Last year it transported 3.7 million passengers, 858,254 vehicles and 6.6 million linear metres of cargo. In 2007 it managed a fleet of 29 vessels, which sailed 1.9 million nautical miles, and was comprised of 8 fast ferries, 14 combined passenger and cargo ferries and 7 cargo ships.

The company is part of ACCIONA, one of Spain's leading corporations, with operations in infrastructure, energy, water and services in more than thirty countries in five continents. ACCIONA ended 2007 with revenues of 7.953 billion euros (26.8% more than 2006), EBITDA of 1.407 billion euros (46.6% more) and net profit of 935 million euros (48.4% more).

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