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World leader in renewables.


ACCIONA Energy is a unique renewable energy operator on a global scale. It focuses exclusively on renewables and is a major player in five types of clean energy: wind, solar thermal (CSP), PV solar, hydraulic and biomass. It has 100% ownership of nearly 8,500MW's worth of installed capacity, with a total output of more than 20TWh/year, as well as installing a further 1,500MW of capacity for third parties. ACCIONA Energy is present in the entire value chain, from project development and engineering; construction and manufacture of wind turbine generators, to the operation and maintenance of facilities and energy management and sales. The Division is backed by 20 years of experience in a sector that has seen the emergence of many newcomers, and it has successfully undertaken a process of international expansion that has given it a presence in more than twenty countries worldwide.


Turnover       EBITDA       Workforce       MW
2,120   979   2,267   8,480
million euros   million euros   employees   (accumulated)

2013 data


Wind power
ACCIONA Energy is a global pace-setter in the development and construction of wholly-owned wind power facilities and for third parties. Our business model is unique in the sector given that we are present in the entire wind power value chain. (+)
Solar thermal/CSP
ACCIONA Energy is an international yardstick in the solar thermal /CSP sector, with six plants fully operational in Spain and the USA. (+)
PV solar
ACCIONA Energy has a long and proven track record in the construction of large-scale PV solar plants: to date, it has built 115MWp's worth of wholly-owned and third-party plants. In Portugal, it is the owner of one of the world's largest PV solar plants (64MW) and has won the contract for another plant in South Africa (94MWp). (+)
ACCIONA Energy works on upgrading mini hydro plants with decades of service and leveraging their full value; it also has a long and successful history of building new plants and evaluating the resource in design, construction and O&M. (+)
ACCIONA Energy has three fully operational biomass plants, all of which stand as a benchmark in biomass-fueled power generation in Southern Europe. (+)


Present in the entire value chain

Project development
More than 14,000MW currently being developed or undergoing administrative proceedings; present in 46 countries and with regulatory experience in more than 30 countries. Fully acquainted with finance mechanisms and co-investment solutions, and additional development services (WTG sales, EPCs, O&M, etc.).
Engineering and construction
More than 10,000 MW operational. An industry benchmark in construction methodologies and has set the bar in the wind power sector. A pioneering force in integrating the environment variable in projects.
WTG design and manufacture
Over the years, ACCIONA Windpower-a Group company specializing in the design, manufacture, on-site assembly and sale of proprietary-tech wind generators-has garnered ample experience in wind farms the world over. Thanks to this, it has taken relatively little time to gain a foothold as a reliable WTG manufacturer, offering 1.5MW and 3MW platforms.
Operation & Maintenance of plants and facilities
ACCIONA Energy has 9,000MW of fully-operational renewables facilities currently on its books. We are a trailblazer in tech solutions related to grid-connection of renewables, adaptation to power peaks and dips, and extremely accurate prediction models. We have the world's largest renewables control center.
Energy sales
Through its subsidiary, ACCIONA Green Energy Developments, ACCIONA Energy markets 100% renewable energy to end-customers. It also manages the electrical energy produced by the Group's installations and by third parties that come under Spain's Special Regime and place their trust in our experience and technical capability.

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