ACCIONA at a glance - ACCIONA

ACCIONA at a glance

This Flash-format map has been designed to give you a brief but comprehensive -and interactive- overview of the complete range of ACCIONA activities and business lines and provide you with relevant figures.

ACCIONA's solid and comprehensive offering is structured along a variety of business lines:

  • ACCIONA Infrastructure specializes in construction, engineering and concessions (transport and hospitals). It is actively involved in far-reaching R&D and Innovation aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its activities and taking care of the surroundings wherever it operates.
    • Turnover: 3,326 million euros.
    • EBITDA: 163 million euros.
    • Workforce: 19,855.
    • R&D and Innovation investment: 35.8 million euros.
  • ACCIONA Energy produces and markets renewables-based energy. It designs and builds installations and distributes and markets clean energy, making an important contribution to the transition towards a new energy model.
    • Turnover: 2,107 million euros.
    • EBITDA: 956 million euros.
    • Workforce: 2,466.
    • R&D and Innovation investment: 27.7 million euros.
  • ACCIONA Real Estate is a pioneer in developing and marketing eco-efficient homes. It's consistently high turnover is a result of the continued growth of its asset portfolio and the increase in its activity across the globe.
    • Turnover: 68 million euros.
    • EBITDA: 1 million euros.
    • Workforce: 318.
    • R&D and Innovation investment: 0.5 million euros.
  • ACCIONA Agua leads its sector in the design, construction and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants and desalination facilities. It has built considerable experience worldwide in the integrated water treatment cycle.
    • Turnover: 506 million euros.
    • EBITDA: 43 million euros.
    • Workforce: 2,537.
    • R&D and Innovation investment: 23.3 million euros.
  • ACCIONA Urban and Environmental Services comprises several companies specializing in the protection of the environment for both public- and private -sector clients: waste and refuse collection and treatment, urban gardening and cleaning services and a broad multi- services offering.
    • Turnover: 815 million euros.
    • EBITDA: 54 million euros.
    • Workforce: 7,650.
    • R&D and Innovation investment: 0.6 million euros.
  • ACCIONA Logistics and Transport Services delivers end-to-end transport passenger and cargo by land, air and sea. It proposes the "maritime highways" as an efficient alternative to road haulage. It also delivers airport management services in a number of countries.
    • Turnover: 706 million euros.
    • EBITDA: 36 million euros.
    • Workforce : 4,460.
    • R&D and Innovation investment: 1.7 million euros.

A few key figures:

  • ACCIONA operates in more than thirty countries worldwide, with a workforce of 30,000 employees who, along with their respective families, are the equivalent of the population of a city the size of Cadiz.
  • 1,700km of highways, 600km of railroad lines, 150km of tunnels, 50,000 homes… These are just some of the works carried out by ACCIONA over the past ten years.
  • We build desalination plants with a capacity of 200.000 cubic meters of water a day, enough to cover the needs of the entire Spanish region of Murcia.
  • We deliver water to 50 million people all over the planet.
  • We generate 20 million kWh of clean energy, enough to power 6 million households.
  • We avoid the emission of 11.4m tonnes of CO2, equivalent to taking five million cars off the roads.
  • We carried 2.5 million passengers and 5 million linear meters of freight.

Want to know more about what we do here at ACCIONA? Just pass the mouse over the different elements on this interactive map:

R&D and Innovation

ACCIONA is at the technological cutting-edge of sustainable development, and has three technological research centers: work at the Madrid center focuses on infrastructure, real estate, urban and environmental services and logistics and transport services; the Barcelona center specializes in water; and the Pamplona tech-center carries out research into renewable energies.

Being pioneers means leading from the front in technology, and that means developing ground- breaking technology in a variety of fields, such as nanotechnology and new materials for application in sustainable construction, reuse of construction materials, ICTs, wind power and PV solar and CSP technologies, hydrogen production, renewables-powered desalination and wastewater reuse.

Public Works

ACCIONA Infrastructure has Developer literally hundreds of projects highways, motorways, dual carriageways, viaducts, etc. that have done much to improve national and international road connections, and always using the very latest and most innovative construction systems. Many of ACCIONA's projects are concessions and are developed by ACCIONA Concesiones. Moreover, this division, through ACCIONA Infrastructure Maintenance, leads the industry in the end-to-end conservation of road, hydro and environmental infrastructure.


ACCIONA Infrastructure is highly-qualified and has built considerable experience in the construction of all kinds of buildings.

Large Construction Projects

ACCIONA Infrastructure has a long record of carrying out complex, large-scale construction projects using the most advanced construction solutions and the very latest available technology.

Restoration Work

Restoration work is another field in which ACCIONA Infrastructure is active, taking on a broad range of projects involving historic buildings, such as museums, libraries, and public and private cultural centers, among others.

Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs)

ACCIONA Infrastructure has one of the world's largest tunnel boring machines, christened "Dulcinea".

Railroad Concessions

ACCIONA Concesiones is a leading global player in terms of number of projects and turnover, and a world leader in railroad infrastructure construction.


Within ACCIONA Concesiones, ACCIONA Servicios Hospitalarios (Hospital Services) specializes in hospital concessions, a model that has become increasingly popular over recent years in the public health sector. This division is a national and international leader in end-to-end management of hospital infrastructure design, construction, financing and operation projects.


ACCIONA Concesiones carries out the design, construction, financing and operation of highways the world over.

Maritime Works

ACCIONA Infrastructure also takes on a broad range of maritime Works, such as ports, dry docks and shipyards, quayside berths and canals.

Metallic Structures

ACCIONA Infrastructure has its own Metallic Structures Department, an auxiliary construction workshop that provides service for works projects. The department has many years of experience in the building and fitting of docks and moorings. It has built the world's largest caissons, such as the 'Kugira'.


ACCIONA Infrastructure has a long track record of building different types of buildings, including transport infrastructure.

High Speed Rail

ACCIONA Infrastructure has helped to develop Spain's extensive High Speed Train network from the outset of the project.

Rail Services

ACCIONA Rail Services has been operating as a private freight rail company since 2007.


ACCIONA Infrastructure has participated in construction projects for buildings and terminals at some of Europe's most important airports. ACCIONA Airport Services is the Group's airport services provider and Spain's leading independent handling operator.

Eco-efficient Buildings

ACCIONA is a pioneer in the construction of eco-efficient buildings that keep energy consumption down to a minimum and integrate renewable energy to provide maximum comfort and habitability. ACCIONA has built the very first zero-emissions building: the ACCIONA Solar HQ, in Navarre, Spain.

Wind Parks

ACCIONA Energy is a global leader in the development and construction of proprietary and third- party wind parks. And within the energy arm, ACCIONA Windpower is the company that specializes in the design, manufacture, field assembly and marketing of wind generators, using home-grown technology that draws on the experience obtained by ACCIONA Infrastructure from years of operation and maintenance of wind power facilities all over the world.

Solar Energy Plants

ACCIONA Infrastructure is ready to take part at all stages of engineering, public works and electro-mechanical assembly, as well as tests and trials of a large number of solar energy plants. ACCIONA Energy operates in three solar technologies - Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar hot water.

CSP Plants

ACCIONA Infrastructure builds solar power plants. ACCIONA Energy is a worldwide benchmark in CSP, a technology with an enormous room for growth.

Biofuels plants

ACCIONA Energy is active in the field of biofuels and produces biodiesel and bioethanol from first -use vegetable oils and wine-based alcohol, respectively.


ACCIONA Energy has won a number of deals to supply biodiesel to petrol companies, distributors and captive fleets, and also markets its own product to end-users under the 'Biodiésel ACCIONA' brand.

Biomass plants

ACCIONA Energy is present in the field of biomass and has three fully operating plants, two more currently under construction and a further five being developed. ACCIONA Infrastructure is responsible for the construction of these plants.

Hydroelectric plants

Hydraulic works make up another of ACCIONA Infrastructure's major fields of expertise, in which it has long years of experience. Dams are high on the division's list of specialities, and ACCIONA Infrastructure can boast a long and uninterrupted record of success with high-profile projects. ACCIONA Energy operates a number of hydroelectric plants.

Desalination plants

ACCIONA Agua is a world leader in Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination of seawater and brackish water. The division has a wealth of experience across the project life-cycle: design, construction, commissioning operation and maintenance of plants. Today, desal plants all over the world feature breakthrough technology developed and built jointly by ACCIONA Infrastructure and ACCIONA Agua.

ACCIONA Agua and ACCIONA Infrastructure work together on wastewater treatment plants, with a high level of optimization for future operation and maintenance.

Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

In the field of wastewater, ACCIONA Agua delivers solid, cost-efficient solutions with minimum installation costs. The division has more than 300 WWTPs. ACCIONA Agua and ACCIONA Infrastructure work together on WWTPs, with a high level of optimization for future operation and maintenance.

Water Treatment Plants

ACCIONA Agua has come up with a number of innovative answers to the many problems posed by potable water treatment. It has built a total of one hundred plants, delivering drinking water to more than twelve million people. ACCIONA Agua and ACCIONA Infrastructure work together on these potable water treatment plants.

End-to-end water services for municipalities

ACCIONA Agua delivers end-to-end water services to more than 60 municipalities throughout Spain. Its work also involves managing water distribution networks and distribution to end-users.

Freight Transport

ACCIONA Logistics is a leading provider of intermodal freight transport.

Office Buildings

ACCIONA Infrastructure has a long track record in the construction of corporate buildings for companies. ACCIONA Real Estate centres its strategy on the management of rental assets, with a particularly strong presence in the office sector.


ACCIONA Infrastructure's list of activities also includes building hotels. ACCIONA Real Estate's growth in recent years has also come from its notable activity in the hotel sector. ACCIONA Facility Services, for its part, delivers clearing, maintenance, security, logistics and catering services, among other, to private and public-sector clients.

Energy Efficiency

ACCIONA Real Estate and ACCIONA Infrastructure apply a range of innovative elements aimed at saving energy, efficient use of water and clean construction.

Shopping Malls

ACCIONA Infrastructure and ACCIONA Real Estate have a strong presence in the Shopping and Leisure Mall sector.

Eco-efficient Housing

ACCIONA makes ample use of solar power technology to make headway in the building of eco- efficient homes.

Residential Property

ACCIONA Real Estate's activity is focused on the residential sector, mainly first-time buyers, though it also offers second-homes on the coast. ACCIONA Infrastructure builds the properties, and offers the very highest quality at all times to ensure the well-being of the people who live in these homes.

Sustainable buildings

Backed by a track record of technical and professional experience, ACCIONA Infrastructure applies sustainability criteria to all its building projects. ACCIONA Real estate is a pioneer in the development of eco-efficient homes.

Maritime Transport

ACCIONA Trasmediterranea is Spain's largest shipping line and one of Europe's leading passenger and cargo shippers.

Building Maintenance

ACCIONA Facility Services delivers support services, office and infrastructure maintenance and real estate asset management.

Urban Maintenance

Among its activities, ACCIONA Urban and Environmental Services' activities include waste treatment, and urban cleaning and gardening services.