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Information on ACCIONA's origin and growth over almost a century.

MZOV founded (Railway Company from Medina del Campo to Zamora and from Orense to Vigo) in Galicia.

In 1861, it was awarded the line from Medina del Campo to Zamora, and immediately obtained the Orense to Vigo stretch and other sections of the long-awaited railroad that would connect Galicia with central Spain, and particularly its capital, Madrid. Subsequently, Cia MZOV evolved into a leading Spanish construction company.

In 1916 Cubiertas y Tejados is founded. Some 50 years later it will merge with MZOV to lay the foundations of the Company. During late last century, Cubiertas and MZOV end up merging with Entrecanales and Távora to create ACCIONA.

Road engineer José Entrecanales Ibarra, from Bilbao, and business leader Manuel Távora, from Seville, founded Entrecanales y Távora.

The company's first projects include the remodeling of San Telmo bridge in Seville and works in the Cádiz docks. In the years following the Spanish Civil War, the company was very active, consolidating its position as one of the country's most innovative companies.

José María Entrecanales Azcárate, son of José Entrecanales Ibarra, took over as president of the company with his brother, Juan Entrecanales Azcárate, as Vice President.

Before long, the company became a national and international leader in construction and engineering, expanding its operations to countries such as the United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Colombia and Mexico.

Cubiertas y MZOV was born from the MZOV and Cubiertas y Tejados merger.

Entrecanales y Távora was known mainly for its work in the infrastructure sector, but the eighties witnessed a new era driven by diversification into other sectors such as real estate, wine production, urban services, telecommunications, etc.

The companies continue to merge.

NESCO (Nueva Entrecanales, Cubiertas, Servicios y Obras) is created from the merger of Entrecanales y Távora with Cubiertas y MZOV

Following an initial strategic merger, resulting in the birth of NECSO Entrecanales y Cubiertas, ACCIONA was created in 1997 as a diversified group, with José María Entrecanales de Azcárate as President and Juan Entrecanales de Azcárate as Vice President.

ACCIONA was established as an international holding company for companies operating in various fields of industry and the services sector.

José Manuel Entrecanales Domecq, son of José María Entrecanales de Azcárate and grandson of the founder, appointed President, while Juan Ignacio Entrecanales Franco, son of Juan Entrecanales de Azcárate, becomes Vice President.

Both navigate the company's transition towards its three pillars of growth: infrastructure, energy and water. This in-depth transformation was made possible by a huge financial investment and a strong commitment to innovation and social engagement as a motor of quality jobs.

ACCIONA changes its image and brand strategy, adopting its current logo.

ACCIONA redefines itself as a new and pioneer company in sustainable development, through an innovative brand. Its mission as leader contributing to social welfare and sustainable development involves a reliance on the basic pillars of sustainability: economic welfare generation, environmental protection and social responsibility.

ACCIONA's mission is to promote sustainable development and social welfare as a leader in renewable energy, sustainable construction, water and services.

The company is listed in the main international sustainability and social responsibility indices, ranking highest in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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