There is a different way of doing business. A way in which the people and planet are at the centre, and the regenerative infrastructure is the pathway towards their well-being and conservation.


ACCIONA is the world's largest 100% renewable energy company and it is driving the decarbonisation of the energy model to tackle the climate emergency. This is how it is making it possible.


Transport infrastructure adapted to climate change. Solutions that connect us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more.


ACCIONA leads the way in the water management industry. It looks after water in each phase of its life cycle to guarantee universal and sustainable access to this invaluable resource. This is how it is making it possible.


An inclusive, sustainable, interconnected and intelligent city. Discover the solutions through which ACCIONA is helping transform the cities of the future.


ACCIONA promotes people's well-being with social solutions relating to health, education, cultural engineering, and the preservation and cleaning of the environment. Find out more.

Real Estate

ACCIONA is helping to design sustainable cities of the future and to guarantee the well-being of the people who live there. In order to achieve this, it is designing these real-estate solutions.


ACCIONA, through Bestinver, is offering asset and capital-market management services, mobilising investment in low-carbon activities that guarantee human well-being.