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    Sustainable management of such a vitally-important natural resource for life on Earth as water, inspires ACCIONA to design innovative projects in the sector of sanitation, desalination and purification. This is how we contribute to the fight for access to clean water for everyone, especially in the areas most severely affected by the effects of climate change, where we explore solutions that mitigate the consequences of this phenomenon


    ACCIONA, leader in end-to-end water cycle management, has purified, desalinated and cleaned up water for over 100 million people all over the planet. In 2017, we treated 775 hm3 of water and generated a water footprint with a positive impact on Earth of 374 hm3, thus contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6, “Clean water and sanitation”.

    Closely connected with the achievement of SDG 6, ACCIONA assumes its role in tackling the global challenges of water scarcity and food shortages, which are aggravated by global warming. Presently, 40% of the global population is affected by water scarcity and around 2.4 billion people exist without access to basic sanitation services.

    ACCIONA, committed to the supply of quality water on the five continents, especially in developing countries, believes that only by investing in the planet will it be possible to improve the lives of millions of people deprived of properly-managed water: a vital element for sustainable development.