Equivalent Population

General Information

  • Project: Gorliz Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Entity: Consorcio Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia – CABB (Bilbao Biscay Water Consortium)
  • Localisation: orliz, Biscay, Spain
  • Design rate: 13272-4512 (summer-winter) m3/day
  • Population: 44,210 Pop./equiv

Key points


Strained, grit extractor-classifier and degreaser

Primary treatment:

Coagulation-Flocculation, Primary Decantation

Secondary treatment:

Biological treatment by means of biolytic biophore suspended solids with Recirculation of Treated Water to the anoxic zone for Denitrification (3 anoxic and 4 oxic biophores)

Sludge treatment:

Thickeners (2) and centrifuge-based dehydration (2)


Deodorization through chemical cleaning in towers (3) and complementary carbon Filters (2)

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