The first scientific expedition on a zero emission vehicle

The ideal solution for the supply and transport of the various scientific bases in the polar regions

One hundred years after the arrival of Amundsen and Scott at the South Pole, ACCIONA has launched an expedition on board a 100% eco-efficient sled: the ACCIONA WindPowered Antarctica. It's the first scientific expedition in the world to highlight the efficiency of a zero-emissions vehicle powered exclusively by wind and drawn by kites, some of which have a surface area of more than 80 square meters. As well as being a mobile laboratory, the ACCIONA WindPowered Antarctica is the ideal supply vehicle and means of transport for getting about from one Polar ice station to another.

This way, ACCIONA raises the energy efficiency bar another notch and, once again, takes the lead in coming up with ground-breaking solutions based on renewable energies. And that just goes to show that even the greatest challenges can be overcome using green solutions.